Chile Reforestation: Chacabuco Mission

Detailed description of the project

Sponsorship of trees for reforestation of landfills in Chacabuco (Chile), by way of a virtual map of the area.

Services provided by the legal entity of the project

The application consists of two parts:

  • Back-End: Offers the possibility of generating packages of gifts of a number of trees to be sponsored. Each gift can be exported to PDF format and will have an alphanumeric code and QR associated with it, which will permit, from the front-end of the platform, to sponsor the trees given as a gift.
  • Front-End:
    o Geolocalization on a map of sponsored and to-be-sponsored trees
    o From a gift code, a number of trees can be sponsored, with the possibility of leaving comments or dedications, and to share the event in the social networks
    o Geolocalization of the sponsored trees by the active user
    o Personal counter of the trees sponsored by the active user
    o Counter of the totality of trees sponsored
    o Users with more activity
    o Recent sponsorships
    o Mural describing the users that have made at least one sponsorship
    o Photographic Gallery
    o Section for collaborating companies