Effergy is a Renewable Energy Consultancy company is a “Technology Based Company”(EBT), spin-off of University of Almería and associated with most important RE research institutes in Europe which specialization fields and their related products and services are:

Policy and Markets

Projects and studies related to the implementation of renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency. Check here where we work worldwide.

Renewable Energies resources evaluation

Solar, Biomass and Wind Resource assessment in various island countries and conducting simulation studies for best case fitment. Check where we work worldwide.

Engineering, Consultancy, Implementation and TA

Specialized advice and assistance on renewable energy and energy efficiency, especially integration of Renewable Energies in isolated off-grid systems, such as islands or rural areas. Check where we work worldwide.

R&D Activities

Integral design, development and implementation of innovation projects within renewable energy and energy efficiency, both national and international (European Commission, Asian Development Bank, World Bank, multilateral organizations…). Check where we work worldwide.

GIS Solutions and GIS consultancy services

Our GIS professionals possess a core expertise in GIS database services, application development, mobile GIS/GPS, GPS inventories, and GIS program development. Check where we work worldwide.

Rural Electrification Proyects-Hybrid / Proyects-Isolated Systems

The development of small distributed hybrid generation systems for rural electrification to address the needs of remote communities is the main aim of our company based in an extensive experience in this field. Check where we work worldwide


EFFERGY offers an extensive range of advisory, planning and consultancy services including surveys, investigations and reconnaissance studies, due diligence, condition assessment, asset valuation and feasibility reporting. Contract and bid preparation support is also provided including specification, qualified bidder evaluation, and contract BOO and BOOT development. Check where we work worldwide.

Training-Capacity Building-Seminars

Full training activities design and preparation in close cooperation and discussion with the client: identification of most interesting centers and institutions to be visited, negotiation the conditions and scope of the different activities to be executed, preparation of materials and additional documents. Check where we work worldwide

Renewable Energy Integration in greenhouses

The services aim to design and construct environmentally sustainable greenhouse/building systems that use sustainable materials and design, low embodied energy, low energy demand and sustainable energy sources in the building. Check where we work worldwide