Consulting Services for the Supervision of Technical document related to a Wind Power Plant

Detailed description of the project

Provide a capacity generation study in Al Jafr, Al Tafeeleh, Umm Al Jmal and also the repowering in Ibrahimya site in Jordan base on a preliminary destktop analysis of the wind data.

Services provided by the legal entity of the project

Scope of review, simulation and due diligence activities. EOI for a total of 600MW in Al Jafr, Al Tafeeleh, UmmAl Jmal:

  • Analyse the 3 sites and available lands limitation, constructions, and  feasibility with the purpose of getting the knowledge of the main site characteristics.
  • Decide which mast would provide enough data for the assessment to be purchased by the client for this study.
  • Site assessment based of the provided data in each land.
  • Provide generation profile in each land.
  • Detect the most profitable areas to place wind turbines.
  • Calculate, according to available data, capacity of each land, power curves and the Annual Estimated Production (AEP) for one wind turbine for each land and for all the wind turbine manufacturers to get the highest capacity production.
  • Design of the transmission power adjustment installations
  • Design, descriptive report, calculations, for grid connection.
  • Analysis of the available lands and limitations.
  • Site assessment from the data provided by the Client.
  • Detect the most profitable areas to place wind turbines and provide a preliminary layout wind turbines