Consulting Services for the Supervision of Technical document related to a Wind Power Plant

Detailed description of the project

The purpose of this Project is to provide technical support for a preliminary unbinding bid for the 120 MW Wind project in Egypt.

Services provided by the legal entity of the project

Phase I: – Review of the available wind resource information – Identification of suitable WTG’s that would deliver the most reliable power in the most competitive price
Phase II:

  • Evaluation of data room information
  • Assessment of wind resource information
  • Analyze the site and available lands limitation, constructions, and feasibility, with the purpose of getting the knowledge of the main site characteristics.
  • Preparation of simulations for different scenarios with different turbines
  • Provide generation profile
  • Provide a preliminary layout of wind turbines
  • Calculate, according to available data, the Annual Estimated Production (AEP) for one wind turbine for each site and for all the wind turbine manufacturers.
  • Commissioning technical support
  • Provide assistance on O&M document review
  • Provide O&M cost estimation
  • Provide technical due diligence report