Consulting Services for the Supervision of Technical document related to a Wind tender

Detailed description of the project

This project is a framework agreement to provide due dilligance reports to assist Acwa Pwer in the assessment of planning documentation provided by the government (ONEE) in order to assist the client in the final report that has to be brought to the tender.

Services provided by the legal entity of the project

Technical services to each of 5 wind farms is outlined under the following 4 tasks:

Task 0

  • Review of RFP documentation issued by ONEE.
  • List of clarifications to RFP.
  • Meeting with local company in Madrid in order to study the strategy. Minutes of meeting.
  • Preparation of drawings with wtg layouts provided by local company.

Task 1

  • Technical Support on OTS preparations

Task 2

  • Validation of wind mast data and reports by wind advisor
  • Verify long term Correlation of Wind mast measurement by wind advisor.(P50, P9,P75)
  • Verify Energy Yield Assessment of each site for each wind turbine
  • Review of reports from wind adviser
  • Review of OEM /EPC design concerning layouts, civil, electrical works and SCADA
  • Review of EPC proposal
  • Investigate and advise the technical solutions of competitors
  • Support technical negotiations concerning EPC proposal, O&M proposal and OEM/EPC solutions.
  • Advice O&M assumptions such as maintenance requirements, availability, Outages etc.
  • Advice on the technical schedule like testing, commissioning, warranty, performance guarantee etc. Of EPC contract.

Task 3

  • Site visit for validation of layout (location of wind turbines, access roads and the specifications for the roads and platforms, location of substations and the power lines, etc.) and optimization of the layouts (If necessary)