Course on Grid Integration of Renewable Energy and technologies

Detailed description of the project

The impact of the TA will be the increased deployment and grid integration of renewable energy technologies in the region within 5 years of the completion of the S-CDTA. The outcome is an increased understanding of grid issues and solutions related to the deployment of renewable energy technologies and enhanced DMC capacity in developing renewable energy projects.

The TA will require international consultancy inputs of an estimated 80 person days. Effergy Energia SL was engaged using single source selection in view that the firm (i) possesses the required specialized knowledge and training facilities on renewable technology; (ii) has a proven track record of successful implementation of similar training programs.

Services provided by the legal entity of the project

The outputs and key activities of the S-CDTA will be (i) the organization of an 11-day training workshop that will facilitate knowledge sharing on grid integration of renewable energy, and solar photovoltaic (PV), thermal and wind technologies for 10 DMC participants, and (ii) the development of training design and materials on issues and best practices on renewable energy technologies applicable to Asia and the Pacific. Topics to be discussed during the 11-day training workshop will include technical sessions on renewable technology, assessment of solar resources, policy and regulatory environment, and financial analysis.

Field site visits to solar and wind power plants will be incorporated into the training. The training modules and materials will be designed to suit relevant conditions and policy considerations in the participating DMCs. All training materials will be provided on the ADB website as a knowledge product.

Outline a comprehensive training course for ADB engineers and economic officers as well as experts from other member countries to upgrade the overall know how about projects dealing with renewable energy technologies as a main power source and their facts to improve the grid service and the extent of the grid supply scope.
The course with An over one hundred hours of both theoretical and practical sessions was planned by Effergy experts and conducted in a big extent by Effergy staff as the course lecturers.