PATA 8008. Design And Strengthening of The Solar Energy Institute (Uzbekistan) and Policy Design Training

Detailed description of the project

Structural design, scientific capabilities content and operational features of a new leading solar energy research center in Uzbekistan, from the previously existing solar research Physics Sun institute. The center has the objective to become the leading center in Central Asia and a major player in knowledge transfer to the productive sector to promote and activate it, primarily within Uzbekistan but also developing activities in the neighborh countries. The project included definition of needed specifics facilities, manpower and budget resources during the 5 initial years of life of the center.


Services provided by the legal entity of the project

Full project execution as international consultancy company. Several trips and many discussions and workshops were needed to deeply discuss with institutional partners, potential stakeholders and public and private possible financing institutions To prepare solar power/energy projects and provide policy advice on laws and regulations that are conducive to solar power/energy development.

  1. confirm solar resource availability through on-site solar irradiance measurement,
  2.  prepare up to 6 feasibility studies including at least two demonstration projects and two projects forcommercial operations,
  3. recommend policy, legal and regulatory reforms to create an enabling environment for solar powerdevelopment, and
  4. formulate a solar development road map

Elaborate a reliable solar radiation atlas on the basis of the existing long-period data bases corrected with on-site short term values with digital data base accessible to standard GIS tools providing visual and numerical information referring.