Preparing Outer Islands for Sustainable Energy Development

Detailed description of the project

Consultancy for the elaboration of the roadmap for the sustainable energy development of the Maldives Islands including renewable energy into theexisting power grids.

Elaboration of a roadmap to update a minigrid model for the outer islands that secures the quantity and quality of the electricity supply for present and future needs eliminating to the maximum possible extent the use of fossil fuel gen-set generators trough the introduction of RE for environmental and economic purposes.

Services provided by the legal entity of the project

  • Elaboration of Training to different government institutions in Energy Policy and RE integration.
  • Design, implement and supervise demonstration hybrid projects of Diesel, Solar and Wind systems in the range of 10-100 kW in the specified regions.
  • Analysed satellite renewable energy data.
  • Depict the grid status. Design the hybrid systems.
  • Review potential sites for wind machines installation and connection paths. Prepare cost estimation of the systems.
  • Conduct capacity building activities on technological issues. Conduct network study and synchronization analysis. Showcase the result of demonstration projects.
  • Make country-specific policy recommendations to scale up deployment of small wind power systems, taking into account the specific issues of each participating member country