Qinghai Renewable Energy Development

Detailed description of the project

The Government of PRC intends to introduce RE and concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) in north-western provinces and with the help of the Asian Development Bank, upgraded the local engineering capabilities with international expertise in Concentrating Solar Energy Technologies the objective being developing a technical guidance note to secure Project Development from the initial Feasibility Study Report to the Detailed Project Engineering stages.

Services provided by the legal entity of the project

  • Full project execution as international consultancy company. Several trips and many discussions and workshops were needed to deeply discuss with institutional partners, potential stakeholders and public and private possible financing institutions
  • Assess any potential technical risks in system design, construction supervision, and operation and maintenance, recommend any mitigation measures and conduct training for the counterpart engineers to mitigate those risks; review and recommend for improvement of the system design and optimization of system configuration; assist the implementing agency in finalizing the procurement plan and tender documents; and optimization of the ground measurement of RE resource.