Quinhai Renewable energy development

Detailed description of the project

The proposed Qinghai Delinha Solar Thermal Plant Project (the Project) will construct 50 megawatt (MW) concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) plant in Qinghai Province. The Project is the first-of-its-kind utility scale CSP plant in the People\’92s Republic of China (PRC). A project preparatory technical assistance (TA) will be undertaken for the due diligence of the Project.


Services provided by the legal entity of the project

The technical due diligence will specifically review (i) solar field system design including heat collector element (HCE), solar collector element (SCE), solar collector assembly (SCA), loop design and its configuration, and piping layout and its auxiliary components; (ii) thermal energy storage system including storage media, heat exchanger, and storage tank design; (iii) overall system integration for power generation and grid interconnection, and (iv) freezing protection and air cooling system design. The technical due diligence will also review the technical specification for tender documents.

(i) Review feasibility study report and other relevant documents to assess technical feasibility taking climate and geographical conditions of the project site into consideration, specifically on (a) solar field system design including loop design and its configuration including solar field and plant layout and land development design, (b) heat transfer fluid (HTF) flow design, control and monitoring, freeze protection, and safety, (c) thermal energy storage system including storage media, heat exchangers, storage tank design, freeze protection, and charge and discharge of molten salt at initialization or emergent case; (d) power generation and grid connection including natural gas back-up system and air cooling system design; and (e) overall CSP system integration design.
(ii) Assess the project cost estimate including operation and maintenance cost, and implementation schedule. Identify technical risks and countermeasures.

(iii) Recommend for improvement of the CSP system design, cost estimate, implementation schedule, and optimization of system configuration to ensure cost effectiveness in terms of leveraged cost of energy (LCOE).

(iv) Develop (a) initial technical due diligence report on preliminary design, and (b) brief technical guidance notes on detailed design for quality assurance of CSP system configuration and design.

(v) Visit project site to assess the status of preparation and readiness for the proposed subproject.

(vi) Coordinate with, and consolidate outputs of the other two specialists in the preparation of an initial project assessment report comprised of initial technical due diligence report, a brief technical guidance note, and initial financial assessment report.