SIGCAP: Geograhical Information System for the collation and management in water networks.

Detailed description of the project

Geographic information system for the collation and management of the elements that are involved in water networks.

Services provided by the legal entity of the project

  • 3 versions:
    • Desktop (Office work)
    • Web (Access from any location with internet connection)
    • Mobile (Field work)
  • Simple and comfortable inventory of the elements. By way of an Android-based mobile unit (Mobile)
  • Information dump into the field via WiFi (Mobile)
  • Storage of access routes to grid elements (Mobile)
  • Ease of management of the information in the office (Desktop)
  • Capture and geolocalization of grid elements (valves, ventilation, deposits, tubing, etc.) (Mobile and Desktop)
  • Obtaining Personalized Information Files (Desktop)
  • Massive export of files in PDF format (Desktop)
  • Maintenance of incident files, associated to each one of the grid elements (Desktop)
  • Publication of the cartography by way of a map server on the internet (Web)
  • Connection to Google Street View