Training in Solar Thermal Technologies and Renewable Grid Management

Detailed description of the project

Training on Solar Thermal Technologies and Renewable Grid Management.


Services provided by the legal entity of the project

  • Full training activities design and preparation in close cooperation anddiscussion with the client: identification of most interesting centres and institutions to be visited, negotiation the conditions and scope of the different activities to be executed, preparation of materials and additional documents, etc.
  • Spain has been considered as a world pioneer in introducing renewable energy in electricity networks, and in turn have been doing world class projects in the design and implementation of intelligent grid.
  • Transfer around innovative alternative energy and energy efficiency solutions seeking, thus, sustainability.
  • The industry knowledge is contrasted through the development and implementation of plans and projects related to the topics mentioned above. This experience reinforced his career as senior researchers of public research organizations and world-class university professors in various areas related to renewable energy, sustainability and energy efficiency.
  • The training sessions focused on the challenges facing existing grid network to manage large amounts of electricity of renewable origin and the consequent prediction difficulty and dispatching problems.
  • The course also included site visits to experience how projects perform in reality and observe how the theory came into practice.