foto noticia 2From Monday, June 3, 2014 until Monday, June 17, 2014, the Effergy Energía experts group will visit various islands preselected by the Ministry of Energy and Environment of the Maldives in order to evaluate and to prepare a first design of the grids and the energy production systems.

With this visit, the Asian Development Bank project will commence, and its objective is to achieve a more-sustainable energy model for the islands, based on the improvement of the efficiency of the installations, and the use of sustainable energies, with the goal of minimizing the use of fossil fuels, and to fight against global warming.

The team that traveled to the islands on behalf of Effergy Energía included technical renewable-energy and grid experts, also expert in the organizational, economic, and social development areas, as the study includes support for the government and the electric company in these areas.

The experts involved in this visit will meet with authorities, institutions, and users, in order to collect data and information with a view to develop a recommendations report for the directors of the Asian Development Bank and the archipelago. In addition, upon conclusion of the project, a detailed implementation agenda will be established for its execution in case the project was to be approved.