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As part of the project to Prepare the Maldives Islands for the Development of Sustainable Energies financed by the Asian Development Bank. During the first three weeks of June, a team of Effergy Energía experts visited the Maldives in order to work with the country’s authorities, the electric company personnel, and the users, in the development of the mentioned project.

The objective of this visit was to share the preliminary studies prepared by Effergy Energía with the other elements involved, as well as the collection of technical, financial, environmental, and social information considered as essential for the continuing development of the project.

The team that traveled to the islands was composed of five experts – technical, social and economic, and visited the islands of Kurendhoo, Goidhoo, Addu City, Villingily, and Buruni, as preselected by the Ministry of Energy and the Environment. On these islands, the terrain was examined in order to analyze the possibilities of installing renewable energies.

Existing electrical installations were visited, with a view to generate an initial evaluation of their conditions, and meetings were held with local authorities and with users in order to exchange opinions.

At the conclusion of the visit, a workshop was created in Male, the capital of the country, with the authorities and the directors of the electric company, in order to share and to validate the conclusions developed in the visit to the islands.

Afterwards, the coordinator of the project, Alfonso Sevilla, had the opportunity to participate and to present the conclusions in an electric sector analysis seminar organized by the Asian Development Bank.