team_1Effergy Energía has been selected by the Asian Development Bank to design and organize a course, which will permit those Asian countries which have an intention to develop clean energies to focus on grid technologies and integration with economic, legal and competitive aspects.

The course lasted 15 days, and it was imparted to the technical staff of the Asian Bank, (multilateral organization that provides funds to various countries), as well as companies responsible for the generation and/or distribution in such countries as: Powergrid India, China Hydropower and Water Resources Planning and Design General Institute, Inner Mongolia Power Group, Maldives Energy Authority and the Uzbek Academy of Sciences, amongst others.

One of the objectives was to prepare technicians in the preparation of reports that could serve as guides for those countries in which said technologies are less developed. Spain is an ideal location for this project, to which Effergy and its partners have an ample experience in said topics.

The course took place from the 14th to the 29th of October in diverse locations: Seville, Malaga, Granada, Almeria, and Madrid, including visits to the most important locations in the sector, such as Smart City, the solar platform in Almeria, or Abengoa Solar. Such visits are of vital importance to help the participants understand how certain renewable technologies function in the “Real World”. During the course, speakers from such companies as Green Power, Smart Green Holding, the Andalusian Energy Agency, and the University of Almeria, amongst others, participated.